You can live the life your heart desires regardless of your past

Welcome to a space of transformation mastery based on 8+ years of experience combining ancient knowledge with cutting edge science, uniting the power of the brain with the infinite potential of your energy field.

This work is not an experiment, but a deep understanding of the laws of the universe and how to apply them intelligently to shift your consciousness and create the reality your heart knows is true and 

possible for you right now.




spiritual mastery

Expand into your spirituality and develop emotional mastery


My journey with ThetaHealing has been and still is one of healing and miracles. I am a ThetaHealing Master and Certificate of Science and I am teaching this method wholeheartedly to those who want to open their heart more, deepen the feeling of love in life and have a wonderful tool of transformation for themselves and others.

Imagine a world of equality, freedom, abundance and beauty, a world in which the authenticity of the soul is set free, a world in which we recognize ourselves in the eyes of others. This is my vision. 

Remember, there are no parts in you that the universe does not already absolutely love and adore. You are loved.

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