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Soft Woman

moon ceremonies

Let your inner woman bloom into her full radiance


The path

3 part series

A highly spiritual experience for awakening and growth, activating the inner merkabah


Discover an effective and innovative technique to create sustainable transformation in your life (mind, body, spirit). Reconnect with the energy of Creation and learn the magic of your subconscious mind while expanding your intuitive and psychic abilities and training the focus of your thoughts and energy to create the desired reality.

Upcoming classes

Planes of existence

17. – 21.04.2024 | in Cluj, in Romanian

Intuitive Anatomy

31.05 – 16.06.2024 | in Cluj, in Romanian

Imagine a world of equality, freedom, abundance and beauty, a world in which the creative power of the soul is set free and can give form to its innate wonders.
I can’t wait to build this world together with you.

Remember, there are no parts in you that the universe does not already absolutely love and adore. You are loved.

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