Belonging to ourselves

We all have those moments when something snaps,

when we become unavailable for playing small anymore,

when we become aware of who we truly are and where we haven’t been loyal to ourselves,

when we realise the immenseness of our value,

when we become unapologetic about where we want to be,


when we stop needing validation from others

when our gut becomes so strong that we get to choose the reality we live in

when the quality of our environment becomes non-negotiable

when the need to keep the harmony with everyone stops and our fear to make waves dissolves

when we start to fill the space we came here to fill

when we give ourselves permission to show up authentically

when we stop asking for permission from anyone

when we stop polishing our edges and fine-tuning our personalities

when we understand that who we are is who we are meant to be without having to keep improving ourselves before our dreams can happen.

That’s when THE FABRICATED snaps. The tension of dimming our lights, keeping quiet and be someone else on the outside than we are inside gets too high and snaps.

That’s when we start belonging to ourselves!

That’s when we take the power back from everything and everyone we have given it to, to keep us small and adequate.
Thats’s when we start to live. I believe there are only this many The space of being powerless comes with an expiration date.

Our spirit, our true self, can only take this much of being suppressed and ignored before it snaps.

And I wish you nothing less than this. Because this is the moment life truly begins. The moment we start owning our space and command the life energy to go where we want it in order to create our dreams.

Because we are God.

We were made to create and move the energy to make our wildest dreams a reality.

And this path to me is the path of a true ATHLETE, of the one being here to win at the game of life, to touch excellence and play with the “impossible”.

This is the center of my heart and it is also the center of my upcoming booklet, THE ATHLETE, containing a series of principles and attitudes that train the inner athlete, the one who is devoted to winning the game of life, to live according to their highest potential and authenticity.

These principles can be applied to sports, art, business, spirituality or to everyday life. You can now preorder the digital booklet here at the prelaunch price. In it you will find a life-long companion.

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