How I lost my power and got it back

There are thousands of moments in this human life that could cause us to lose our power.

The secret to winning at life is to not let that happen and to keep coming back to it.

Today I’m sharing with you a moment, where I lost my power without realising it and how I got it back.


I started a transformation session on myself just like I do with my clients, because I felt a feeling of helplessness in a certain situation, so I went deep to see where it had all begun.

I was brought back to a time many years ago, when I had just started studying. I saw myself at that time being in that same feeling of helplessness. I asked myself why and where it came from.

One specific moment came up. It was the third week of the first semester and it’s tradition that the first year architecture students organise a big party to mark the beginning of the new school year. This party is spart of the educational curriculum of the university. It takes place on two floors, it has to be organised within one week and different groups of students need to build different stands, like a few lounge areas, a few bar areas etc.

It’s a huge challenge to do all of it in one week with no help, to design the stands, to get the materials for them, to build them. There is no budget for it so one needs to be creative. An even bigger challenge is that, on the night of the party, the students of the first year are obligated to stay until the end and to get rid of all the stands and clean the area before going home.

I was a foreigner, who just moved to Germany to study. I didn’t know anyone, except the students I had met during the first weeks. This came as an extra challenge on top.

The professors were making sure we all stayed until the end and cleaned up by making this rule to give out a signature at the end. Without this signature we would loose credit points or something similar. That scared me, as I wanted to do a good job at uni and be a good student.

What can I say, the whole party was a mess for me. I had no fun, I was not enjoying it, I had to do all sorts of jobs I didn’t like and I had to stay til the end.

I think it was around 3 in the morning when we finished the cleaning and got the signature. I was happy to leave, but when I got to the metro station to go home, I realised that the metro schedule is only until 12 am and from 5 am. I didn’t know how to get home else. I didn’t have a smart phone at that time and I didn’t have a lot of money, so I waited around for 2 hours at the metro station in the night. It was a weird experience.

While looking at all of this in my session, I discovered a feeling of pity for myself that was buried within, but also anger towards the uni and their organisation.

Deepening my session, I realised that what I did that moment was go completely against myself just to get a signature.

Without realising I created this disempowering feeling for myself. I believed “I matter less than the authority of the uni”, “I am less important than them”, “My results and my performance is not in my hands”, “I am dependant on their rules to get to my goals”. I also felt like a loser.

Of course these sentences I was telling myself were not true, but that was the best I knew at 19. That was what I believed and it stripped me of my power in that moment. That loss of power remained with me until years later, until I got it back in this one session.

When we realise that everything around us is just conventions, just rules and that neither them nor who created them are responsible for our success, our future or what we are capable of, that’s when our power comes back to us!

That’s also how I got my power back from that moment. I realised that even if they decided to not give those credits or whatever, that wouldn’t have influenced my choice for success in life. It wouldn’t have influenced my passion, what I do, how I do it, what I am here to bring to the world, my hard work, my determination etc. That internalised the power I had given away that night.

Success and power are within. They are not dependant on someone else. That’s the glory of the human spirit. We are of infinite creation power.

There is always another way, another path. True power is remembering that we can create it. The greatest leaders of our world have proven this over and over again.

No one can take your power away from you. No one can choose how successful you are from you. No one can tell you what you can and can not do. No one can tell you if you can or can not achieve something. Only you know. Deep in your heart. Deep in your gut.

And for that you need to trust yourself that you’ll make it in your own specific way.

That’s what an ATHLETE at life is. That’s what a winner is.

That’s what the principles in my booklet, THE ATHLETE are all about. You can still preorder it here at the prelaunch price. The price will go up when the booklet comes out this summer.

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