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Discover your hidden potential and awaken a world of infinite possibilities within.

Heal, grow and transform your life profoundly and effectively through the power of your spirit and your subconscious mind.

The Theta Healing® technique

ThetaHealing® is an effective and profound method that works with the subconscious mind to generate sustainable transformation – mind, body, spirit – and to awaken hidden potential.

Connect and communicate with the energy of All That Is, sharpen your senses, embrace your multidimensional nature and remember that everything is possible.

If you feel called to create a change in the world, you want to understand how to bend reality, witness healing in yourself and others or live in a constant feeling of oneness with life, this class is for you.

What you will learn in this course:

 01. The theta state

enter the theta state (activating the theta brainwave) through a short meditation and learn about the wonderful effects this state has on you, your performance and your health 

 02. The subconscious

learn about the subconscious mind and the brainwaves and how you can use them for your benefit

 03. Digging

find out how to uncover belief systems that unconsciously influence your reality and how to reprogram them 

 04. Psychic abilities

awaken and strengthen your intuitive and psychic abilities and thus ignite your emotional intelligence 


 05. Energetic centers

learn about energetic centers in the body and how to employ them to enhance mental and emotional clarity


 06. Emotions

learn how to sustainably dissolve fears, regrets, resentments etc.


 07. How disease begins

find out how to work with disease and recognise its origin + learn to work on viruses, bacteria, fungus etc.

08. Intuitive readings

make body scans, read the energy field intuitively and expand your perception

09. Time

learn to unconditionally work with Source and move beyond time


10. DNA

activate your DNA to awaken dormant potential and remember that you are connected with All That Is


11. Energy clearings

learn to do energetic clearings and to keep your energy field protected and intact


12. Kinesiology

use applied kinesiology as a communication channel to your subconscious mind


13. Manifesting

discover what is needed for your dreams to become reality and to strengthen your consciousness of abundance


14. The soul

bring back lost soul fragments, learn about your soul family and soulmates

Remember that you are




Client Love

I have attended several ThetaHealing seminars with Larisa within half a year, and I must say that it has fundamentally and positively changed my life, my perspective on things, my daily life, my interactions with the people around me, and ultimately myself. It is becoming more and more a part of my life, and I am infinitely grateful to experience what it is like to love unconditionally and to be loved. I radiate. I am more self-confident. I am looking forward to outwardly show who I truly am.

Jasmin M.

A very exciting and inspiring experience that has taken me into a new world. I have felt guided and supported here at all times by Larisa with great professionalism, competence, and warmth. I can recommend this journey to inner strength, peace, contentment, and joy to everyone.


Such a fantastic class. You guide us with so much love, patience, and wisdom. I have felt protected, supported, and accepted at all times. You tirelessly helped us dispel our self-doubts and reinforce that we know everything and can do anything. I’ll go home with an open, laughing, and radiant heart, and I am profoundly happy and grateful to have met you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


The seminars and Larisa are an enrichment for various facets and layers of consciousness, existence, and life, with high transformative power. I participated in the basic and advanced seminars and would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone who feels the calling.

Larisa is a trustworthy teacher with a warm nature, great intuitive power, immense enthusiasm, and knowledge. She knows and has a good sense of creating a mindful and curiosity-inducing space for experience, learning, and wonder, and she holds this space. At the end of the seminars, one feels gifted with a wealth of new insights, perspectives, methods, and a great curiosity about how all of this will impact life. I felt accepted, seen, welcomed, supported, and empowered. Thank you.

Sandra B.

Dear Larisa, I am infinitely grateful for your guidance in helping me remember [who I am]. Thank you for sharing your light, your love, your clarity with my soul and many other souls on this Earth.


Meet Larisa

Larisa is a ThetaHealing® Master and Certificate of Science.

She has hosted over 100 live events, 70 of which are ThetaHealing seminars, and conducted over a thousand 1:1 sessions.

One of her superpowers is bringing joy and color even to the darkest corners, being deeply spiritual and psychic, yet remaining human, keeping her feet on the ground, and making complex concepts easily understandable.

Learning with her is characterized by depth, joy, and a unique fusion of science and mysticism. She won’t miss seeing the potential in every individual she works with and encouraging them to blossom into that potential.


For the seminar, you will receive a physical manual and the book “ThetaHealing® – Introducing an Extraordinary Energy Healing Modality” by Vianna Stibal. These will be mailed to you.

After the course, all participants will be certified as ThetaHealing practitioners and will receive an official certificate from the THINK Institute. With this certificate, you are allowed to apply the technique to yourself and your clients, should you desire to do so.


not available at the moment

Friday: 3pm – 9pm, Saturday and Sunday: 10am – 5 pm


Online on Zoom

Investment per person

440 € exkl. MwSt
523,60 € inkl. MwSt

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