The path series

stillness experience

A 3 part series of stillness experiences to heal and awaken.

Descend to the roots, center in your heart and ascend to the crown to awaken and align your Eternal Molecules and activate the inner energetic merkabah. 

This is a deeply spiritual experience for those who want to open to their true spiritual power and are ready to embody their inner truth fully. 

This work builds a strong energetic basis for everything you want to bring into the world that has a higher frequency than our planet right now. 

It is for every human being that is ready to grow, heal and expand spiritually and also for those whose focus is to innovate, pioneer and create new worlds.

This offering consists of three parts spread over the year, each one opening only once a year. For a full experience it’s recommended to take part in all of them, but you are also free to attend to only one or two. 


The path of the light


activate the pineal gland

open for registration

The path of the healed heart


heal and open the heart

opening soon for registration

The path of the serpent’s root


activate the root at the base of your spine

opening soon for registration


Client Love

Thank you, dear Larisa. Could really feel your loving presence holding space and seeing me deeply. Thank you for this sacred space. Leaving with an open heart.

C. S.

Thank you, dear Larisa, thank you all for this space of love, of opportunities. To embrace everything. . . I feel blessed to be here.

E. G.

It was magical. I felt so connected to the heart. I had a feeling of connection and family. It gave me tranquility and safety and that everything is ok and aligned. Thank you for offering us this opportunity and for holding this space full of love for us.

T. V.

Thank you for this space of love. We loved every moment of it and we are grateful to be part of it. We felt seen and loved.

A. G.

On a practical note this experience offered me discipline and in essence the space to connecte to my heart to receive answers and guidance. Thank you Larisa, thank you all for this magical experience.

C. B.

Thank you for the beautiful energy and the deep revelation of the Divine.

A. S.

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