How I work

Good coaching is a science as much as it is an art!

I believe that if it’s just one without the other, it’s not fulfilled.

That means good transformation work implies a deep understanding of the human mind and the subconscious! It implies knowledge about how the human behaviour works, about how motivation works and about the systems of our subconscious architecture.


Why do we act in one way and not another?
Why do we do what we do?
Why do we want what we want?
Why don’t we do what we wish to do?

That’s what makes coaching a science.

Good transformation work also implies a good eye and a strong gut feeling of when it’s time to push one button and not the other.

When is the time to unblock a subconscious limitation and when is the time to give a push?
When is the time to hold a mirror and confront and when is the time to allow space for healing?
When is someone acting from pain or from fear of pain? These two need completely different approaches. Being able to read these fine lines makes the difference.
Also, when is the time for mindset work and when do we need to have a look at energetic intricacies?

That’s what makes coaching an art.

I play both these fields in my work, the science and the art.
That’s one of the things that sets my work apart.

It’s all about using the right tools and strategies with the right feeling to set energy and personal power free in as many situations as possible.

When personal power is set free, people can reach unimaginable heights.

I have been teaching about transformation for years and this has helped me to build expertise, but it hasn’t stayed the same. I am not the same coach I was 2 years ago, one year ago or even 2 months ago.
Constantly improving one’s craft, constantly becoming is part of the mindset of an ATHLETE ready to win at life.

I keep improving and perfecting my craft with every chance I get, giving myself space to observe and integrate, learning from the best and investing in high quality mentors that are 10 steps ahead of me, which is also a principle of an ATHLETE ready to win at life.

You’ll find more on these principles in my upcoming digital booklet, THE ATHLETE that you can preorder here, or you can dive into experiencing them directly in my 1:1 coaching on the path to excellence.

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