Courage over comfort

Moving toward expansive spaces is necessary for growth. When we stop entering spaces that expand us, we stop growing.

The moment we have to activate even a bit more courage, than what we are used to, is the moment we open new horizons for us.

Tapping into our next level of courage is the first key to opening the next level horizons we desire to explore. It doesn’t work without it.


Excellence and success, which for me are equal to the deep feeling of aliveness and joy of life, requires us to keep choosing courage over comfort.

Courage is the water that makes the flowers in our hearts blossom.

Having the courage to start, before we have all the answers, to believe, before we have guarantees, to take a step, before we see the path. In this lies the magical ability of our human spirit. In this lies a power, that is too often underestimated. It is the power at the basis of creation.

Nothing can exist without it and all other abilities get activated through it.

On the path to excellence, the first level of courage is to be able to look “into the eyes” of your true desires, to acknowledge the heights you truly want to touch.

Are you truly sincere with where you want to get to?
Are you truly sincere with what you really want?

Or are you hiding your true desires and dreams from yourself, because you are afraid to even dare to think so big?

Are you allowing your heart’s desires to show you your potential and what you are capable of through following them unapologetically?
Or are you letting your ego and conditioning have an opinion on how high you are allowed to aim?

Most people get stuck at this first level of courage pushing their truth aside, not even daring to look within and see the tremendous power that lies there.

Once we awaken to this power, there is no turning back!

There is only one thing left:

the pleasure of being one’s true self!

The pleasure of following one’s true nature.

Getting into action. Playing. Expressing. Moving. Creating opportunities where there seems to be none.

Creator mode on – which is the second level of courage.

The second level is to go for the big dreams that we recognise in our hearts and minds. To jump into action, without expecting us or the things around us to be perfectly prepared before we do. To jump into action and to allow the adventure to shape us, to teach us, to initiate us.

The third level of courage is the one where we’ve recognised that continuous expansion is needed to play in the field of excellence, to bring out the full potential of who we are. This is the level, where we continuously choose to put ourselves in spaces that are already in the energy of where we want to be, without second guessing ourselves or them, without playing small anymore. Spaces that are vibrating in a higher frequency, spaces that are pushing us to become a better version of ourselves.

An ATHLETE always chooses spaces that expand them, because they know these are necessary to open the mindset and allow their eyes to see what was invisible to them before. Theses spaces are always scary, but also exciting and incredibly magnetic to our hearts.

These spaces open when we are in the presence of certain people, a coach or a mentor, or when we choose to say yes to a new challenge or invest a higher sum of money (energy) in ourselves or something we believe in than we are used to. Doing these things requires higher levels of self-trust, commitment and mind clarity, that’s why they open potentials in us that we didn’t even know were possible.

Constant expansion is key on the path to excellence, on the path to winning and activating the full potential that lies within.

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