Your cells contain thousands of years of ancient knowledge; wisdom gathered and stored over many generations and lives; abilities that remain hidden from our world for a moment, but that are nothing else than your natural state.


That is what ThetaHealing® is here for. . .

. . . to remind you of the dormant truth inside of you, to give you a space in which the consciousness of lost abilities and wisdom can be awakened again.

A new dimension

Deep communication with the energy of Creation, communication with the divine Self and the recognition of your creative power in a new dimension is what the journey of ThetaHealing invites you to discover. Psychic abilities are awakened and a lot of what seemed impossible becomes tangible.

We are playing with the power of thought, stretch the mindset, meet the magic of our subconscious mind, experience what it means to change limiting belief systems and reshape our reality. Every class has its own magic and frequency.

Experience the magic of the subconscious


There are no classes scheduled for the English language at the moment, but you can book me to teach any of the classes listed below. To receive more information about hosting me, please contact us here.

Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper, You and the Creator, You and your significant other, You and your inner circle, You and the Earth, Manifesting and Abundance, Intuitive Anatomy, Disease and Disorder, Worldrelations, Planes of Existence, DNA3, Rainbowchildren – more information on these classes coming soon below.

Join my universe

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